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Marcin Bojar

2 Million Subscribers Osiris

The key elements that helped me grow my YouTube channel was using the tips and tactics I received from people like Pat, such as systematic and active channel management. Trying to use trends to your advantage.

Okcia & Kapi

41.8K Subscribers Okcia & Kapi

Pat is very helpful and positive.
We are especially grateful to him for his help in choosing the right recording equipment, selecting music for vlogs, and explaining how the YouTube algorithm works!

Dr. Taz MD

57.5K Subscribers
Dr. Taz MD

Pat’s deep understanding of YouTube strategy and his team’s editing skills have boosted our engagement and reach. He efficiently oversees our video podcast production, YouTube Shorts creation, SEO optimization and video publishing. With minimal input from us, they ensure top-notch content delivery. Ideal for anyone looking to improve their YouTube channel. I highly recommend working with Pat!

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Emily & Cole Crews

20.3K Subscribers
The Adventure crews

Working with Pat has been great! He is very knowledgeable in YouTube strategy and has added an additional element to our team. He has provided great insight on our analytics which has helped us to focus our content creation efforts. Our engagement, views, and retention have all increased since he joined our team. We highly recommend working with Pat. He is detailed, timely, and highly organized.

Lukasz Fojtar

3.4K Subscribers gitarmatniak

Pat is THE specialist in his field. When I set up my channel, I was like a child in the fog. I knew what to record and for whom, but I didn’t understand YouTube itself. Without understanding it, you can create the best content, but it will be hard for you to stand out. At the moment, there is continuous development, in which Pat helped me a lot and for which I am grateful.

Darek Butkiewicz

14.9K Subscribers Nieinformatyk

…Thanks to Pat’s help, I understood the mechanisms of Youtube, I know what to do to be successful there and where to look for help in case of questions…

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